cities going green

When you think of city life, it’s often the busy streets, the bustle of people, and the buzzing energy that come to mind first. But within each buzzing metropolis, there is often an oasis of green and calm, and a place for people to slip away and catch their breath. Some cities are taking it even further though, realizing that the mind-body balance benefits from giving citizens somewhere to take a break, take a load off…and take a deep breath. We take a look at a few cities doing great, green things for their places and people:

The High Line – New York City

No visit to NY would be complete without a visit to the High Line. This former railroad line is now a lush, green pedestrian-only walkway that cuts through Brooklyn and is abundant with low-maintenance greenery and natural growth. The High Line has both plants and porous pathways that absorb water and limit stormwater runoff, while drip irrigation and composting – and lots of public art – show that New York knows sustainability and style.

Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

This park in Singapore features 18 “Supertrees” – some as high as a 16-storey building. Within the structures, over 158,000 plants comprising more than 700 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers have been planted, and an elevated walkway offers visitors a chance to escape the bustle of the city and find some peace among rare tropical plants in a surreal setting.

The Atlanta Beltline – Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech student Ryan Gravel’s 1999 Masters thesis was the original proposal for this 22-mile transit gateway and one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects ever undertaken. Completely transforming disused railway tracks and garbage, Gravel’s project now provides visitors with four trail segments, four parks, affordable housing, shopping and amenities all within sections of the Beltline completed so far. By the $4.8B mark, the Beltline will connect 45 Atlanta neighborhoods with a network of trails, parks and a light-rail system, giving people a place to play, work, relax and rejuvenate.

Millenium Park – Chicago, Illinois

Famous for the shiny “bean” sculpture (actually called Cloud Gate) this park – designed partially by legendary architect Frank Gehry – offers Chicagoans and visitors alike a five acre perennial garden, concert venue, outdoor public art exhibitions and the world’s largest green roof – 24.5 acres.

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