fast living/slow aging

We believe in living fast, and we always look for what is ahead of us. No wonder: we are urbanites. This has nothing to do with the circumstance that we live in cities. It is linked to the fact that we love cities, their rough and paradoxical contrasts, the unexpected and diverse beauty of their skylines, the intrinsic dynamism which shapes and twists their identity. We are addicted to the excitement that you feel when you know you are there, where everything happens. Modernity is our state of mind, shapes our habits and determines the intensity and the unconventional lyricism of our life.  And of course, we are nonetheless aware that urban living comes with side effects, for ourselves and for the environment. And we care.

More and more scientific studies – we will share some of the most recent and authoritative ones in the next weeks – prove our bodies and minds are affected by Pollution, Stress, Nature Deprivation, Accelerated Aging, just to mention a few of the inevitable issues we have to cope with.

It would be easy to preach to slow down, and yet we have taken a different approach. With our brand Skin Regimen and the Fast Living/Slow Aging Blog, we intend to share empowering ways to boost our physical and mental resilience, to explore and reveal the inspiring experiences of permanent or temporary urban dwellers who share our vision and will at the same time challenge it with new perspectives, who have the art and sensitivity to reinvent and permeate what surrounds them.

We will host scientists and researchers, as well as contemporary minds and souls, that we feel can continue to define, understand and contribute to an enticing contemporary living. Therefore, fret not urbanites, there is more to come for all of you.