/alpha glucan yeast

An extract which favors skin detoxification by reinforcing its autophagy mechanism, the natural system of elimination of metabolic waste products.


An amino acid which stabilizes the pH in a dermo-compatible way.


/cedarwood-essential oil

Extracted from the tree branches and roots, it has a characteristic aroma which calms the spirit and eases nervous tension.

/citric acid

It weakens the bonds between the corneocytes for an effective skin peel.

/copahu essential oil

Extracted from the tree resin, it is obtained from the trunk of Copaifera Officinalis. It alleviates anxiety and stress.

/co2 compensation

A reforestation project which compensates the CO2 emissions caused by the packaging production. For Skin regimen we have chosen a Project in Kenya with the Natural Capital Partners company.

/cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Highly viscous hydrating molecule that can resist the attacks of hyaluronidase, a family of enzymes that degrade hyaluronic acid. It locks in and protects the water content for an effective long-lasting moisturizing and plumping efficacy..


/dandelion extract

From a plant known for its detoxifying properties, this botanical extract protects the skin from pollution and preserves its luminosity.


/functional aroma

A 100% natural blend of essential oils. The blend selected for /skin regimen/ has rebalancing and reinvigorating effects thanks to the beneficial synergy of Juniper, Copahau, Rosewood and Cedarwood.



A poly-hydroxy acid which exfoliates the skin in a very gentle way and keeps it well hydrated. It acts on the outer skin layer, weakening the corneocyte structure and favoring balanced cellular turnover.


Sugar attack caused by eating processed foods: collagen and elas­tin damage, loss of tone and elasticity.

/green plastic

Sugar cane-derived plastic.


/hyaluronic acid

One of the key components of human beings’ connective tissue. It gives the skin its special characteristics of hydration and plumpness. A lack of it causes premature aging, thus favoring the formation of wrinkles. Its concentration tends to decrease with age.



Excessive immunity response caused by unbalanced lifestyle resulting in compromised skin health and beauty, visible irritation, sensitivity.


/juniper essential oil

With a neurotonic effect, useful in cases of stress, anxiety and general burn-out.


/lifestyle aging

Daily choices and the negative impact of the environment, collectively result in an acceleration of the aging process.

/longevity complex ™

Three organic superfood extracts combined with carnosine, a high-tech molecule, that counteract the effects of stress and aging accelerators. Wild Indigo modulates excess cortisol and reduces inflammation, Maqui Berry is the powerful antioxidant, Carnosine and Spinach have an anti-glycation action and Spinach also promotes correct DNA methylation.


/macro hyaluronic acid

Due to its hygroscopic properties, it favors correct skin hydration and promotes an effective plumping action. With high molecular weight, it acts immediately on the outer layers of the skin for visible plumping of fine lines.


External factors influencing cellular functioning.

/micro hyaluronic acid

Latest generation molecule with reduced molecular weight, it penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin to promote a longer lasting action.

/modern plant chemisty ™

The /skin regimen/ formulation philosophy ensures that the formulas are totally functional, with highly concentrated powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules, with a natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma and cooling massageable textures. Free from animal derivatives, parabens, silicones and colorants.


/natural origin ingredient

Natural origin ingredients are plant, mineral or microbial ingredients present in or produced by nature using minimal physical processing and directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring biological proces



Cellular free radicals attack caused by stress, pollution, smoke and metabolic reactions. The consequence is an overall skin cellular imbalance and wrinkles.



Preservatives widely used in the cosmetic industry. We do not use them, we have chosen delicate preservatives instead.

/particulate matter

A type of pollutant that affects people’s health. PM induces oxidation and inflammation, which stimulates enzymes that degrade collagen.

/persian silk tree extract

A botanical extract with anti-glycation action which supports collagen and favors a firming effect.

/paul’s wort extract

A botanical extract rich in darutoside that activates the production of collagen and elastin.


Solid particles, gases and natural by-products which combine to form toxic substances that affect our skin health.


/rosewood essential oil

Known to help treat depression, calm the mind and impart feelings of happiness and strength.



Synthetic polymers derived from silica, delivering a temporary «cosmetic» effect. We do not use them since they are not sustainable for the environment. We use a blend of natural oils and butters for deep skin nourishment and protection.

/sls (sodium laureth sulfate) and sles ( sodium lauryl ether sulphate)

Harsh surfactants found in many personal care products. We do not use them in /skin regimen/ to ensure a delicate cleansing action.



Also known as Holy Basil, it is a sacred Indian herb, extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine. The Tulsi Oil reinforces and protects the skin for radiant, rejuvenated appearance.


A biomimetic peptide that mimics the action of a protein, naturally present in the skin, to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. It promotes a firming and wrinkle-correcting action.


/unicellular migroalgae (euglena gracilis)

Active on the release of Calcium and on the production of cellular ATP, it stimulates the cellular metabolism and gives a boost of energy to the skin.