laughter for your looks

Have you ever considered your sense of humor as a health benefit? You should – it turns out that laughter really is the best medicine – for your mental and physical health. From burning calories to banishing bad moods, there are so many ways a good laugh can benefit your mind and body.

Laughing, first of all, is fun. The social benefits of sharing a giggle with someone reach far beyond simply easing tension – it builds trust, camaraderie and a sense of lightness – which helps everyone feel more relaxed. Letting go of defensiveness, releasing inhibitions and expressing your true feelings helps yourself to feel better too – the fight or flight response is suppressed, and feel-good hormones flow – fostering connection to others which can profoundly alter your emotional state of mind.

The mental benefits of laughter are even more revelatory. Having a good laugh leaves you with a positive feeling that lasts long after the laughter subsides, which helps you to keep a more positive attitude for the long run. This is critical in helping to get through difficult or stressful situations that can pop up. Laughter also acts as a buffer for negative feelings – it’s hard to feel anxious or angry while you’re smiling.  And, it helps to create a little perspective. By keeping a humorous outlook on a situation you can create space between a stressful situation and yourself which can help you to remain objective and not feel overwhelmed.

Physically too, laughter can work wonders. A good, hearty laugh can relax the muscles in your body – triggering the release of endorphins that lower cortisol levels and can even help temporarily alleviate pain. It increases the flow of blood (which helps improve blood vessel function) and yes, it even burns calories – a good laugh for 10 minutes a day can burn 40 calories which works out to a few pounds every year. Antibodies that fight infection are released, and immune cell production increases – which means clearer eyes and brighter-looking skin.  Perhaps most excitingly though, the hormones released during laughter stimulate collagen production – the ultimate wrinkle-buster. Marilyn Monroe famously said that a smile is the best accessory a girl can wear, and we’re prone to agree.

The power of laughter is just another example of how the mind-body connection that /skin regimen/ aims to empower is an undeniable aspect of holistic health – essential to finding your best skin yet. Discover the entire /skin regimen/ range for highly-effective plant-based products that support healthy cell turnover for clear, bright skin – all best used daily…and with a healthy helping of laughter.