ready, set, reset

A new year can be exciting – but also a little stressful. We tend to make grand resolutions that are often hard to stick to and by February are out the window. Instead of unrealistic goals which can can lead to disappointment, we suggest focusing on an area that can easily be switched up: your skincare! And more importantly – your mind-skin balance. Our skin is the protective layer that faces the world, shielding us day after day from the environmental stressors that our modern lives offer up. But did you know stress can affect the mind and the skin?

A new year is the ideal moment to begin looking after your biggest organ from the inside and the out. With our range of products and boosters, you can easily target and treat specific concerns – from dehydration, dullness, fine lines, breakouts and more. As you begin to treat these skin issues on a cellular level with our formulas, let the invigorating natural aromas of four essential oils – Juniper, Copahu, Rosewood and Cedarwood help to open the consciousness. /skin regimen/ believes in a modern skin care approach that empowers you from the inside out – with the positive effects of our products clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels at rest, reduce anxiety and generally improve mood profiles. The mind-skin connection is no myth!

Try treating yourself this year by taking a few moments during your daily routine to breathe deeply while gently massaging the beneficial /skin regimen/ formulas in. Your skin is treated, while the mind benefits from the release of stressors as well. With this rounded approach to your skincare, we can create the ideal foundation for skin that is healthier, more youthful and looks better – while you feel better inside, too.

Dr. Claudia Aguirre, a neuroscientist and skincare expert has created an incredible guide to the the mind-skin connection for /skin regimen/, entitled fast living/slow aging. With approachable science-based detail, it’s an invaluable resource to start you on a new path for the new year. No drastic resolutions necessary, no crash diets or fad routines – just a mindful, complete approach to protecting that which protects us – our skin.