skincare by the numbers

At /skin regimen/, we love numbers. From clinical testing data to scientific research results and the precise formulation of our unique products, there’s a surprising amount of data involved in the development of a modern skincare range.

One of the numbers we are most proud of is our 100% carbon neutral rating. Our products are designed for the modern city dweller to help defend their skin against urban pollution – so contributing to that pollution ourselves is unthinkable. Every /skin regimen/ formula is manufactured in Parma, Italy, using energy from renewable sources. By supporting a reforestation project in Kenya, we compensate for the co2 emissions created while creating the /skin regimen/ packaging, too. It’s fully-recyclable, and made from safety-certified aluminium and FSC-certified paper.

Another important number for us? Our efficacy test results. 54% percent of the world now lives in urban settings and that’s why /skin regimen/ was created. The city and its intrinsic vitality and excitement is our inspiration, but city living has its share of stressors, too – all of which can show up on your skin. We create skincare products that are clinically-proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle aging on both skin and the mind.

Most impressive? 85% of women said their skin was smoother after using our Enzymatic Powder, while 100% said their skin was softer and after using our Tripeptide Cream. It doesn’t stop there – according to 95% of the people who tried it, wrinkles were visibly reduced after using our 1.5 Retinol Booster, too.

Finally, there’s the number 4. Our modern plant chemistry™ formulas are a collection of unisex products that can be mixed and matched in a 4-step custom regimen to prepare, recharge, correct, and reset. For whatever skin stressor or specific skin care concern you may have, there is a powerful, botanical-based solution from /skin regimen/ to address it – effectively. Explore the entire range today and discover the /skin regimen/ difference.