skincare stereotypes

We’re surrounded by stereotypes. Take a second the next time you open your bathroom cabinet and really look at your products. How many of them are gender stereotypical? From flowery, pastel packaging to label wording that obviously excludes other genders, the sexualization of skincare is pretty rampant.

In 2018, market research company Mintel noted that  “consumers are moving away from traditional gender stereotypes and expectations. As such, they are going to expect brands to push a gender-neutral message to the fore of their new product marketing and development campaigns.”

At /skin regimen/ we’re proud of our gender-neutral products, and believe that everybody – no matter how they identify – deserves the benefits of a balanced mind and more beautiful skin without feeling excluded, overlooked or unimportant. Our products are plant-based, vegan-friendly, and feature neutral, subdued packaging that suits any bathroom without stereotypes. And, our scientific formulas address the entire range of skin issues that any urban dweller might encounter. Whether fine lines, dullness, or dehydration – the skin issues we all face know no gender, so why should our products?

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