the sound of skincare

Music has healing qualities – it has the power to open our hearts and minds, and provides a direct line to our deepest emotions. The mind-body connection can only benefit from seizing on the science of sound, which is exactly what we at /skin regimen/ have done.

Working closely with Painé Cuadrelli, a music producer and sound designer based in Milan, we’ve developed Macro Waves Sound™: a soothing soundtrack to accompany our signature spa treatments that was inspired by MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique), a yoga-based mindful relaxation technique using OM vibrations. The composition, exclusively created for both /skin regimen/’s Urban Longevity Facial™ and Urban Detox Facial™, incorporates both natural and synthetic sounds that help the listener to detach from everyday rhythms while retrieving a balanced energy level.

Following the four steps of the treatment, it begins with a pulsating frequency that slowly merges into electronic musical elements in a progression of tempo and form. Sea waves, wildlife and the subtle sounds of wind enter the soundscape, creating a delicate connection to the great outdoors, while digital textures blend with harmonic parts to slowly finish with the same initial pulse at the end of the facial.

Our Macro Waves Sound™ is a sixty-minute soundscape to accompany you in your journey to refreshed, restored skin –  and a more balanced mental state.

Don’t have time to make it to the spa right now? You can also enjoy the Macro Waves Sound™ at home while you unwind with your /skin regimen/ routine here:

Happy listening.