top winter skincare tips for radiant skin

It’s the time of the season when it feels like winter might last forever and sometimes our skin can suffer more than we realize: harsh indoor heating, biting wind, snow and hail – even hot showers – our skin is barraged with temperature extremes that can give it a tough time staying optimally balanced.

woman shielding her face from the sun

Luckily, /skin regimen/ products are primed to help your skin defend itself successfully against whatever winter can throw at it. We suggest a simple four-step approach to prep, recharge, correct and reset so skin stays happy and hydrated this season:

/step 1: prepare

Start with our Cleansing Cream – a super gentle Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate-free foaming face wash. This non-drying cream contains Longevity Complex™ – an organic superfood extract that counteracts the effects of stress and winter-exacerbated aging factors. It gently removes traces of makeup, pollution residue, dirt and dust, and when combined with our enzymatic powder, offers an even deeper and more intense (yet still gentle) scrubbing action to create the perfect, primed canvas for the next step of your routine.

/step 2: recharge

Our Microalgae Essence is here to save the day. Just two pumps of this serum-like superhero is enough to recharge the skin and help fight off winter woes. 26% of people who tried our essence reported more hydrated skin after just one hour – with a clear reduction in skin temperature thanks to its invigorating, cooling texture. The lotion is formulated with Euglena Gracillis, a single-celled microalgae that produces cellular ATP (that’s adenosine triphosphate – also known as the organic chemical that fuels cellular processes), so that cellular turnover is stimulated and the skin is given a boost of energizing hydration. Even cooler? This illuminating lotion can also be used as an intensive mask. Just soak a few tissues in this concentrated lotion and apply to the face for ten minutes, then rinse.

/step 3: correct

Winter dryness and depletion, yuck. Your best defense? A few drops of our concentrated 10.0 Tulsi Booster. Tulsi, or Holy Basil as it’s also known, has long been used for its adaptogenic properties – meaning it helps eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation. Bonus – it’s 100% natural, so restores radiance and repairs with no added nasties. And, if you’re suffering from serious seasonal dryness, you can even use a few drops before using the Cleansing Cream in step 1 for even more intense hydration.

By now you’ve removed the residue, applied your algae and treated your specific skin concern… all that remains is to apply the final product for your winter skincare protection – your age defense moisturizer.

Our massageable, balm-like Tripeptide Cream is a daily face cream designed to protect – while leaving skin firmer and ideally hydrated. Featuring Tripeptide 5, it mimics the naturally-occuring action of proteins in the skin to stimulate new collagen production, with 100% of women reporting softer skin and 95% confirming significantly more radiant complexion. This protective powerhouse helps stop the effects of environmental oxidative stress (like urban dust and UV rays) while firming and restoring vital moisture all in one –  leaving you ready to put your best face forward, no matter the temperature.

/step 4: reset

Finally, at the end of a bitter winter day, treat your face to an overnight vitality boost with the night detox mask. This leave-on mask has a balm-like, cooling texture that relaxes facial muscles and relieves the signs of tiredness after massaging it in gently – the perfect closer to your skincare routine. With Gluconolactone (a poly-hydroxy acid with gentle exfoliating action that stimulates cell turnover) and Alpha-glucan yeast (which reinforces the skin’s ability to get rid of waste products), as well as our Longevity Complex™ to counteract the signs of stress and aging, it’s a three-pronged power mask that packs a regenerative punch – while you sleep.

But, looking after yourself this season doesn’t stop there – at /skin regimen/ we believe in a holistic approach to self-care. What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it – whether we’re talking nutrition or nice thoughts. Here are our favorite hints to help you win at winter:

/stay hydrated

Plump, healthy skin starts from within. Chugging water is always easier during the hot months, but remember that your body needs just as much water in winter as summer. If you forget to sip throughout the day, why not try a water reminder app? Choose one that will help you track your daily intake and remind you when you’re not reaching your targets – and celebrate when you do. Cute and clever.

/salute the sun

Sometimes it can seem like we don’t see the sun for weeks on end, but rest assured – it’s up there. With shorter days (and many of us working inside for the few hours the sun is out) it’s easy to miss out on our daily Vitamin D boost. If you can, try to step outside at lunch – even if it’s just for a walk around the building to try and get some natural sunlight. If you can’t though, there are still options. We suggest a little light therapy – there are great, low-profile lamps available now that are perfect for your desktop and that mimic a bright, sunny day for an immediate mood boost. And of course you can always incorporate more fish (or fish oil capsules)  into your diet to spike those crucial Vitamin D levels.

/eat a rainbow

This one is a no-brainer. While we’re just as tempted as everyone to stay in and chain-eat cinnamon buns while binge watching the latest streaming tv show, loading up on starch and stodge can make winter seem worse. Instead, choose to eat a variety of fresh, colorful foods. Not only are you feeding your body the proper nutrients it needs for successful cellular turnover, you’re giving your eyes something to feast on, too. Bright, crisp salads, a variety of fruits (especially citrus – with crucial Vitamin C for this time of year), hearty multi-veggie stews and spicy curries – there are thousands of ways to eat the rainbow, and we say indulge in all of them!

Winter may not be over yet, but the battle is half-won when you choose a smart, science-backed skincare routine (and a few helpful hints from us here at /skin regimen/) to defend against the elements and leave you ready to face winter full-on – inside and out.